Testogen – The Use Of Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone in men. It is the general assumption of people that this hormone is only responsible for the sex activities or libido in man. But this concept is totally wrong. Testosterone plays important roles in the body, other than increasing the libido it regulates bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm.


The body is a complete mechanism. When the baby boy is the womb of the mother, after seven weeks, the hormone starts to form the male genitals.  When a person reaches puberty or adolescence, the body automatically starts top produce the hormone testosterone. The brain or the nervous system can detect the deficiency or excess of any hormone in the body. The brain can control the levels of the testosterone, it automatically sends signals to the pituitary gland, from the testosterone is produces, to increase or decrease the production levels of testosterone. The levels of testosterone that a body produces are different in different people. Testosterone is responsible for the male characteristics of a person for example moustache, beard and a thick voice. Testosterone is also responsible for man facial features as well as the physical ability of the body. The levels help in attracting the opposite gender and increases libido. As the person gets old the level of testosterone starts to decline gradually in very old age.


Science has greatly advanced and it tends to study on every particle and cell of the living being. Testosterone has not been left behind in the study of science. Scientists and researchers have performed various researches on the hormone and found out that this has hormone has miraculous capabilities. It was first used as a drug in 1937. Different men have different levels of testosterone levels. The optimal level is one which helps the person lead a balanced and happy life. Too much of testosterone levels can lead to many severe problems in the body, while too little can also cause problems. The optimal level helps the body to produce natural antidepressants, keeps the organs working properly, freshens the mind and relaxes the body and gives enough physical strength. Some people have very low levels of testosterone, however, proper diet, energy rich foods and exercise and leading an overall healthy life can restore the level to an optimal level. Nowadays, there are many kinds of safe drugs available for oral use to increase the testosterone levels.


There are many different benefits of the hormone testosterone affecting every area of the body differently.


The most important benefit of testosterone is that it helps to find depression. The depression rate has greatly increased in the past years, world over. Studies have shown that those people who has optimal level of testosterone had no depression. The people having depression, were treated with antidepressants along with testosterone drugs and the result was decreased depression.

Heart Problems

The most important function of Testogen is that it helps muscles grow and strengthens them. The heart is the most important organ of the body which pumps blood to the whole body. Testosterone provides strength to the heart muscle. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and other cardiac problems. Studies have shown that people with coronary heart diseases have low levels of testosterone in their body, and after the injection of this hormone intro their blood led to the dilation of their arteries and easy blood flow.

Feeling Happy

Optimal testosterone levels are said to be associated with a general happy and contented feeling. It gives you a sense of well-being and an overall happiness, that you feel positive and good about yourself with a general good mood. Some days, you might feel down, and feel life has nothing to offer you or feel you are a failure, those are the days when your testosterone levels are low.

Stronger Bones

Testosterone also increase the bone mass in your body which makes your bone more stronger and you are physically more active and stable. The testosterone is converted to estrogen which increase the bone density. Stronger bones protect your entire muscles and organs of the body and forms the entire structure of the body. People who get bone problems at an early age have been to have low levels of testosterone from the start.

Increases Libido

The major function of testosterone is to increase the sex drive or libido in a person. This makes the opposite sex more attractive and gives a natural arousal for the female gender and shows a positive sex activity and cycle.

Weight Loss

The optimal testosterone level in the body can lead to optimum body weight and testosterone therapy can cause weight loss. Less body weight can cause the lean mass and the physical strength of the body to increase and provides more energy to the body. They also cause the body to produce more red blood cells, which provides energy to the body. They also decrease the cholesterol level in the body.


Testosterone is highly beneficial to the body. It leads to increase in mortality rate of people and several years to the age. Why? The reason is simple, it causes weight loss, improves heart, increases bone mass, makes bones stronger, causes the heart to work more efficiently, gives good looking features to the person. It increases physical activity and energy which in turn improves the quality of life. It also causes a person to be generally happy and satisfied towards life. Happy people tend to be more successful in life mentally, physically and professionally. It also causes less bone and heart problems to people in older age. Legal Testosterone Booster

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